5 School Spaces Perfect for Locker Storage

01 May 2018

Hamilton Casework Modular Lockers offer a large array of choices in size, doors, shelves, locks and finishes with custom solutions, designed just for your school.  Below we have identified 5 school spaces perfect for locker storage:

1. Libraries.  Meeting with a group or doing some research?  Students can keep their bags and other school supplies locked away (even charged with recharging capabilities) and only holding onto relevant study materials with reassurance their valuables are safe.

2.  Makerspaces: While makers are busy making, testing, and exploring, keep a majority of other supplies safely tucked away.

3.  Testing Centers. With the ability to keep valuables safely locked away, students don’t need to worry about their personal belongings during long stretches of testing.


4.  Common Areas.  Lockers can also be designed to reflect school spirit with custom colors, such as this space:


5.  Athletic Storage.  Perfect for athletic storage applications, modular lockers can outfit athletic areas changing easily in years to come as athletic programs do.  As mentioned on Hamilton Caseworks website, “This high school basketball boys’ locker room is a smart-looking alternative to typical metal lockers. The client requested open storage casework with a small box with door and handle for personal items. The lockers were sized to house stools and chairs that can easily be accessed for half-time coaching,” (source).  See below for a photo of the finished space:


Modular Lockers by Hamilton Casework Solutions provide flexible storage that can be changed as your school does.  To discuss more options and custom capabilities contact us today!


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