Top 3 Reasons to Put Lockers in Your Space

29 Mar 2018

Supporting the recent trend of hot desking and modular work environments, Hamilton Caseworks provide superior locker design with a lifetime warranty.  Below are a few of our top reasons to choose Hamilton Caseworks Lockers for your space:

 1.  Promote Your Brand.  Hamilton Caseworks laminates and other finishes can match school and corporate brand colors. Even if lockers are front-of-house, we can work with you to create pieces that promote culture consistency in an attractive design.

2.  Create Safe Storage.  Is your office space fluid and with interchangeable work spots?  Digital locks can safely store belongings day-to-day.  Ideal for multiple users, locks are a great option when lost keys become an issue.  Not just limited to the corporate world, digital locks are also a wonderful design option for school settings, or healthcare spaces, too.

3.  Recharging Stations Keep Users Charged.  Did you know Hamilton Caseworks can equip your lockers with recharging stations for devices?  Perfect for keeping users charged and ready to go before a meeting, keep students prepared before class, or keep healthcare workers ready to use their devices at all times.

See below for a few photos for inspiration:






Hamilton lockers are the perfect fit for work, education, and medical environments.  For more information, visit their website or contact us today!


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