A Custom Weapons Workbench

01 Oct 2018

Weapons maintenance plays a vital role in law enforcement agencies. Keeping officers’ weapons in good working order helps ensure the safety of those officers and the general public, and routine maintenance also extends the useful life of costly firearms.

When the police department in O’Fallon, Mo., was in the early stages of planning a new facility, one of the items on the officers’ wish list was a weapons workbench.  They wanted to keep weapons organized and secure while technicians were working on them, and they needed storage for replacement parts and other supplies. Because routine maintenance often involves performing the same procedures on multiple weapons, they also needed a way to store several rifles, pistols, and other firearms that were in various stages of maintenance or repair.

The local Spacesaver representative suggested topping a Spacesaver 4-Post shelving unit with a stainless steel countertop and adding WeaponWRX backing and configurable accessories to the wall behind and adjacent to the shelving unit. Standard oils and other supplies are stored on the shelving unit, along with specialized replacement parts for particular weapons.

The resulting workbench allows technicians to securely store weapons that are progressing through the maintenance process, while also enabling them to reconfigure the space as the size and numbers of weapons change.

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