3 Benefits of Adding Lockers to Healthcare Waiting Spaces

17 Apr 2018



As visitors patiently wait in a hospital while a loved one is being cared for, they often do so not having a concrete idea of the amount of time they will be watching the clock, eager for updates.  Depending on the situation, hours may go by as they try to pass the time and shuffle belongings around (possibly including those that belong to the patient admitted) and try their best to remain comfortable.

But what if they have to leave?  Or run to the cafeteria for food?  Or use the restroom?  They may bring everything along, leave with a friend, or take a risk and leave items behind.

However, with Lockers by Hamilton Caseworks Solutions, those waiting can maintain peace of mind during what could be a very stressful time by keeping our valuables safe and secure.  See below for our top 3 reasons to add Hamilton Caseworks Lockers to healthcare waiting areas:

  1.  Digital locks keep valuables secure.  The digital lock options on lockers give users a 1x code that they can use to safely protect their items should they need to leave the waiting area for any reason.  The healthcare facility also has a master key should they need to help retrieve any personal possessions.
  2. Large variety of laminate colors.  A variety of color options are available, giving the option to promote the hospital brand, provide cheerful colors in children’s waiting areas, or even help differentiate different locker doors.
  3. Custom options available.  While designing modular casework specific for your waiting area, lockers can be custom sizes to accommodate all types of storage options.

See below for a few idea-starters:



Eliminate the added stress of caring for personal possessions.  For more information on Hamilton Caseworks Solutions Lockers, contact us today!


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