Color Vault at an Ink Manufacturer Dramatically Reduces Retrieval Time

20 Sep 2018

Although business growth is generally a good thing, it can actually lead to inefficiencies if storage systems aren’t re-evaluated periodically and adjusted to keep pace with current needs.

For instance, this ink manufacturing firm specializes in creating custom ink colors, and for more than 40 years the employees had been accumulating 4-ounce jars of every custom color they had ever made. When requests came in for a project with a specific color, it took staff upwards of an hour to find the right color among the 16,000 jars that were stored on makeshift shelving across multiple buildings.

Wanting to improve efficiency, an employee contacted the local Spacesaver representative to inquire about a compact mobile shelving system. In addition to compact shelving, she also suggested “stepped” shelving inserts that would allow three tiers of labels to be visible.  The Spacesaver consultant visited the business to conduct a thorough space assessment and sent her drawings within a week, while also finding a fabricator to manufacture the tiered inserts.

The plan was approved and the Spacesaver system was a success, consolidating the jars and doubling the company’s capacity.

The unique “Color Vault” allowed staff to implement a convenient indexing system, which, when combined with compact mobile storage and the three-tiered shelving, reduced retrieval time from around an hour to an average of 45 seconds.

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