Compact Storage Created for Evidence Warehouse

03 Jan 2018


The Calgary Police Department was renting an evidence warehouse that held property and evidence for all districts in the growing city. Although the department’s evidence systems were accredited, the warehouse was relatively distant from police headquarters and the rent added up to a significant long-term cost. A planning team decided that a vacant lot adjacent to headquarters provided the ideal opportunity to create a centralized, purpose-built facility for property and evidence storage.

The lot had significant space restrictions, and there were concerns about whether the space would provide sufficient capacity. Because the department needed a lot of storage in a limited space, the planning team soon realized that Spacesaver’s ActivRAC® Mobilized Storage System and XTend® Mobile High-Bay Storage System would best suit their needs. These solutions would allow them to use the vertical space in the warehouse while also compacting aisles to maximize capacity.

The new warehouse has a variety of space-saving features that improve organization and ensure a secure chain of custody such as:

• ActivRAC eliminates wasted aisle space by mounting pallet racking on a carriage-and-rail system. The rows of racking sit side-by-side until evidence warehouse staff open an aisle to store or retrieve evidence. The aisles open wide enough to allow forklifts to operate and the system is ideal for large and heavy items.

• Badge-swipe access provides an additional layer of security to specified aisles.

• The XTend system stores evidence that fits in standard-sized boxes. The mobile XTend system moves along rails and extends toward the ceiling to make the most efficient use of horizontal and vertical space

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