Create Dynamic Workspaces with Sleek Storage

04 Dec 2017

As more and more millennials enter the workforce, the strategy for attracting top talent becomes paramount.  So what are the key factors this fresh wave of employees is looking for in a potential office space?

“Younger Millennials appear to be the tastemakers when it comes to office trends. As this group continues to enter the workforce, there will be a greater demand for convenience and community within the workplace…Workers are demonstrating that they want to eat lunch with their colleagues rather than eat alone, and they want to spend time in outdoor office lounges rather than at their desks. Offices are becoming a center for social activity,” (Source).

One way to increase a community atmosphere through dynamic work place design is by creating collaboration hubs, hot-desking, and other points of quick contact throughout an office layout.  An easy way to accomplish this is with Hamilton Casework Solutions.  Offered in popular white laminate, below is an example of a recent installation that includes hinged doors with pull out trash-recycling receptacles inside.  Associates can easily grab a seat, or choose to stand during a quit chat or meeting:




Do you have an opportunity to create sleek storage in your workspace?  Contact us today for more information!


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