Custom Compacting Kiosk Created for Library

07 May 2018


Spacesaver created a compacting kiosk for a small bookstore located inside the entrance to the downtown public library in Vancouver, Washington.

The shop is operated by volunteers with the local Friends of the Library group, so the system needed to be straightforward and easy to use. The clerk opens and closes the kiosk by sliding the shelving units along rails installed in the floor.

The carriages’ roller guidance provides smooth operation, which allows books to remain on shelving during opening and closing procedures. Extra stock and supplies are stored in cabinets located in some of the units, and sleek, removable rail covers conceal the rails and provide a finished appearance.

At closing time, the clerk removes the rail covers and slides the shelving units back together to form a compact, self-contained unit. The clerk then replaces the rail covers. The closed kiosk keeps stock secure when the shop is unattended and frees up space in the entrance lobby for after-hours receptions and other events.  For more information on this and other custom storage options, contact us today!


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