Illuminated Museum Cabinets: Protecting collections while promoting visibility

07 Nov 2017


Museum staff often face a difficult challenge: they are obligated to provide the best possible storage conditions for the collections entrusted to their care, but they also want the public to be able to see and appreciate collections. The concept of “visible storage” is gaining in popularity as museum professionals attempt to strike a balance between preservation and accessibility, and Spacesaver’s sealed museum cabinets are an ideal solution.

The cabinets pictured here were designed for the Ohio History Center in Columbus, Ohio. Staff wanted four cabinets to display uniforms, long guns, and other items in a public viewing area. The cabinets needed to be lockable to ensure security, sealed to help control air exchange, and fitted with glass windows and low lighting to promote visibility.

The local Spacesaver consultant worked with Spacesaver’s internal teams to create the four cabinets, two of which are pictured here. The cabinet at left above is configured for hanging garment storage and fitted with drawers for storing suspenders, belts, handkerchiefs, and other small objects. The cabinet pictured at right is designed to hold historic rifles, with a barrel support system that can be adjusted vertically and horizontally to provide optimal support. All the cabinets are fitted with Spacesaver’s new low-light-emission LED illumination system, which was designed to allow museum visitors to view stored items without exposing those items to unnecessary light.

Spacesaver can design museum cabinets to suit virtually any need. Contact us to learn more!


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