Improved Efficiency in a Design Studio

05 Jul 2018

When engineers, interior designers, and other design professionals are working on a design challenge, they need convenient access to materials so they can evaluate and compare potential solutions.

This major automobile manufacturer’s design studio needed storage for a variety of items, from leathers and fabrics to prototypes of doors and dashboards. Space consultants at the Los Angeles-based Spacesaver distributorship worked with the firm’s engineers and designers, along with Spacesaver’s engineering team, to create custom storage solutions that save space, promote efficiency, and encourage the creative process.

The end result is a complete system that stores all necessary materials and that can be reconfigured as needs change in the future.

Scroll below for photos of the finished space:

Open cabinets and drawer systems

4-Post shelving with frame doors

Dividers for car doors and windshields

Heavy-duty slanted shelving

A compact mobile system eliminates wasted space in the aisles, resulting in even greater space savings.  For more information on this installation and others, contact us today!


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