LEVPRO Configured for Workout Gear

23 Apr 2018


Spacesaver’s new LEVPRO suspended shelving system can be configured to hold a variety of fitness items, making it an ideal storage solution for gyms and other health centers. In addition to customizable storage features, LEVPRO offers a range of colors and custom graphic options to help create a system that’s as aesthetically pleasing as it is efficient. This Wisconsin Crossfit gym needed a better way to store weighted vests, balls, straps, pads, and other gear. The owner worked with a local Spacesaver representative to identify the storage requirements and the ideal location for the LEVPRO system within the gym.

Because the gym is growing, the owner also wanted to have room for future expansion. The Spacesaver representative created a solution that included a number of features to maximize the available space:

• Slightly tilted shelves fitted with bars in the back to safely hold weighted balls

• Steel pegboard and sturdy pegs to hang straps, jump ropes, and weighted vests

• Additional shelves to hold pads and other gear

• Bins for rolled mats and foam rollers

• Room to grow as the gym’s membership expands

Spacesaver installed the LEVPRO system in a few hours and the end result is a sturdy, attractive system that protects gear and is easy for gym clients to use during their workouts.  Contact us today for more information!


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