Modular Storage for the Modern Office: The Day Locker Trend

25 Apr 2018

With the office landscape ever-changing, how do you design a space that can compete with functionality ebb and flow?  Hamilton Casework Solutions Lockers have a modular design that can easily be modified without limiting your needs should they change in the future.  Below we have outlined 6 benefits of incorporating modular lockers in your office space for attractive and functional storage:

  1. Modern and Modular.   The beauty of modularity encourages a level of flexibility you just can’t achieve with static storage.  Easily change your storage design in coming years without staying limited.
  2. Recharging Stations.  In a working world with a variety of devices to stay successful, keep associates charged and prepared with optional charging stations.
  3. Door options.  Did you know Hamilton Caseworks can design any size door?  You can also add a coat hook, sliding drawers, and adjustable shelves – perfect options for office hoteling or a hot-desking culture.
  4. Encourage collaboration.  With standing heights available, turn your modular storage into an opportunity for casual conversation, meetings, and collaborations.
  5. Add a stylish surround.  With white laminate a current hot design detail, adding a surround achieves a level of sophistication to a functional part of your office.
  6. Custom options.  Below is an installation we did where the storage opening was accommodated to fit a bike helmet for those that exercised back and forth from work.  Sizes, options, and designs can all be customized to fit your exact office needs and compliment company culture:


Below are a few more locker idea-starters for an office space:




Flexible and customizable lockers fit in nearly every office space.  Contact us today for more information and for a free site assessment today!


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