Off-Site Storage Created for University Library Materials

10 Jul 2017

Wake Forest University was using an off-site storage company to house their library overflow material. This company not only charged by the linear foot to store the books, but there was also a cost associated with each time a book needed to be retrieved from the facility and brought back to the library. The university knew that they wanted to continue to open up space within the library, meaning more material would need to go off-site, and making their current solution unsustainable.

The university purchased a warehouse with 50′ high ceilings and XTend® Mobile High-Bay allowed them the ability to maximize capacity (both the height of the library shelving and the elimination of aisles contributed to this) and they were also able to consolidate costs by bringing the material back to the university.

The Xtend Mobile High-Bay storage system installed features:

  • 34′ high mobile storage units
  • 30 tiers of shelving
  • Starting storage capacity of 155,000 volumes
  • Projected capacity of 300,000 volumes
  • Photo sweep and aisle entry sensors to recognize when someone is in the aisle

See below for a few install photos of the space:

Additionally, the new warehouse provides the library with the additional off-site storage capacity the campus needed in order to repurpose existing spaces.  Want more information?  Click here for more details on this off-site storage!


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