Parachute Racks with Tambour Doors

21 Aug 2018

Jumpers trust their lives to their gear, so parachutes need to be carefully packed, stored, and secured.  Adequate ventilation is a key element of proper chute storage, particularly in humid climates, as moisture build-up can result in the growth of damaging mildew and mold.

The Spacesaver team created a unique solution for parachute storage at Moody Air Force Base in southern Georgia. Along with two large compact mobile systems, static RaptorRAC® Widespan Shelving units were fitted with parachute racks and tambour doors.

The racks:
• Provide optimal storage density and efficiency
• Adjust vertically and horizontally, by hand (no tools needed)
• Are de-burred to prevent snagging and puncturing
• Can be custom sized for any space
• Prevent degradation of stored parachutes (manufactured with non-reactive materials)

This solution helps with optimizing space and security while promoting proper ventilation.

The widespan shelving units, in addition to providing ample storage capacity, also provide structural support for locking tambour doors in front of the racks. The doors are perforated to allow for  proper ventilation in Georgia’s humid climate, and they ensure that the packed chutes stay secure.

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