An Elementary School Optimizes Space for Athletic Equipment

13 Nov 2017


An elementary school in Wisconsin was storing typical gym equipment like floor scooters, bats and tees, golf bags and clubs, and crates filled with miscellaneous items in various locations around the school. Staff wanted an organized, efficient system that would allow them to spend more time planning and preparing for class, and less time searching for equipment and supplies.

While the LEVPRO compact shelving system appealed to the school’s physical education teachers, they needed to customize the standard kit to maximize space inside the unit. Any of Spacesaver’s 4-Post shelving accessories can be added to the LEVPRO system, and the school opted for bin fronts, hooks and dividers on heavy-duty support rails, and additional shelves (standard LEVPRO kits come with four shelves per shelving unit).

By maximizing the available space and storing similar items together, staff can quickly and easily find what they need.

See below for an animation of the final customized solution:


The consolidated system saves space, saves time, and protects the school’s assets. And because the shelves “levitate” above the floor, cleaning under the shelving is a breeze. Most importantly, the organized system gives teachers more time to devote to educating kids.

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