Spacesaver doorless response lockers boost readiness and organization.

06 Sep 2017

When the Carbondale Police Department in Carbondale, Illinois, got funding to build a new facility, the design team brought in a St. Louis-based Spacesaver consultant to design storage solutions throughout the building, including personal lockers, high-density records storage, and modern evidence storage. The consultant also worked with Spacesaver’s internal teams to design lockers for the department’s Special Response Team. The lockers needed to be large enough to accommodate clothing and gear, and they needed to be easily accessible in emergency situations.

The design team decided to locate the special response room next to the briefing room and near the garage, so officers can go from operational briefing straight to transport and deployment. The room can only be accessed by team members, so Spacesaver’s engineers designed extra-wide lockers without doors in order to provide ready access to gear.  Additionally, listed below are 3 convenient features the lockers also offer: 

  1. Spacesaver’s support rail can be configured to hold weapons securely, and a shelf holds helmets and equipment.
  2. Each locker features a small compartment with a padlock hasp for locking up personal valuables.
  3. The deep drawer provides storage for vests and other gear, and a wooden bench offers comfort and a finished appearance.


The end result is a set of lockers that help officers prepare for challenging situations while still making the best use of available space.  Have any questions about Spacesaver’s Doorless Response Lockers?  Contact us today!


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