Spacesaver provides compact storage for Wrigley’s flavor lab

09 Jan 2018


Spacesaver’s compact shelving systems are typically positioned with the carriages close together to make the most efficient use of space. The Ventilation Park setting, however, allows clients to maintain spacing between shelving units to improve ventilation while still maintaining efficiency. Spacesaver’s powered mobile storage systems can be programmed to automatically move to a prespecified spacing, allowing air to circulate between the aisles.

Wrigley’s Global Innovation Center in Chicago uses Ventilation Park. When the firm was renovating its product development laboratory, staff approached Spacesaver with three requests: they needed to store large quantities of various flavorings in a limited space; provide staff with convenient access to the flavorings; and provide proper air circulation to maintain the flavorings’ integrity.

The local Spacesaver consultant worked with staff at the lab to design a 36” deep powered mobile system that backs up to a plenum mounted on the wall to circulate air. The system has been programmed to revert to the Ventilation Park settings, rather than to a closed position, when someone exits an aisle. As with any powered Spacesaver system, staff can open an aisle at the point of need by simply pressing a button. This arrangement keeps the lab’s flavorings organized and accessible, while also permitting air circulation. In addition to the powered system, the facility also installed an ActivRAC 7M for bulk storage.

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