Variety of locker styles in one police department locker room

05 Sep 2018

This police department in California wanted to improve the appearance and function of its locker room. Spacesaver worked with the architect to design five different locker styles that checked off major items on the officers’ wish list:

• Benches with drawers to optimize space
• Electrical outlets inside the lockers to allow device charging
• Sloped tops to prevent officers from piling items on top of the lockers
• Boot trays and body armor trays to protect gear
• Louvers to keep lockers ventilated
• To comply with ADA regulations in the tight space, some lockers were set into the walls


From smaller compartments to full-height lockers with or without benches, Spacesaver provided a variety of options to suit officers’ needs and personal preferences.

The architect chose an alternating color scheme for the lockers to add even more visual interest throughout the room.  For more information and photos of this installation, contact us today!


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